04/07/2006 - 04/09/2007
Dolce&Gabbana presents Blo-glo by Ron Arad: an exhibition of the latest works created by the brilliant London-based designer, who made his mark with the unconventional use of materials and a very personal interpretation of shapes and structures both in industrial design and in architecture.
The exhibit will be on display at the Metropol, a historical Milanese theater, owned by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, which was recently re-opened after extensive restoration work.
The Metropol, which has boasted the presence of Maria Callas in the 50s, opens its doors to the city of Milan with Blo-glo, composed of approximately twenty five surprising works such as: the Blo-Voids, curvy chairs in colourful mirror-polished aluminium and the Oh-Voids, a sort of futuristic rocking chair made of slabs of coloured transparent acrylic or of slices of Corian assembled thanks to a computerized numeric calculator that creates geometric shapes on the surface. Also present, the Silicon Oh-Void, composed completely of silicon with a visible steel skeleton. This broad exhibition continues with the table and column Lo-Rez-Dolores embedded with thousand of optic fibres that transmit moving images, providing a strong visual impact, and Lolita, the Swarovski crystal chandelier with which the audience will be able to interact by sending an sms whose text will scroll in illumination.

Dolce&Gabbana and the Ron Arad Studio would like to thank the + ARCH studio and the Gallery Mourmans for the set-up of the exhibit.

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